We are offering you the opportunity to participate in our e-konsultant.com platform – a professional information system, which makes it possible to provide and obtain specialist medical advice on-line between the medical centers from all over the country which participate in the system.

Exchanging specialist on-line advice is based on sending various source data (patient’s medical history with examination results) from a client’s system (the hospital) and receiving such data by the e-konsultant.com platform’s server via a modern and encoded telecommunications connection.

Upon logging onto the e-konsultant.com platform, a client (a doctor or a hospital), is sending their query and enclosing the required documentation (medical history, examination results etc.).
Such data is then automatically converted to a uniform reading format and a consultant (a doctor or a hospital chosen by the client from the platform database) is automatically notified about the query waiting for them.

After becoming familiar with a complete medical history of a patient, a consulting unit gives their diagnosis confirmed with their electronic signature. Approval with an electronic signature is tantamount to completing the advice. Its content is automatically sent to the establishment (person), who started the procedure.

The e-konsultant.com platform provides the users with access to data concerning a consulted patient at any given moment, regardless of the time of the day.

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