It is our mission to support individuals and institutions in saving the lives and health of patients, by providing them with the most up-to-date information and communication solutions.
We have applied an innovative technology in order to eliminate the differences in access to medical expertise, which still exists between important medical centers and minor establishments situated some distance from large urban centres. 
We believe that the aim of the progress, which can currently be observed, is to create conditions in which every patient and diagnostician – regardless of where they live and work – has a chance to obtain specialist advice from the best domestic experts.
Our motto is:
the most modern knowledge and technology creatively used to the benefit of patients.
We have utilised the knowledge of IT experts, in order to create our platform and ensure the highest level of utmost security of the solutions applied in it.
We have benefited from the experience of practising doctors in order to establish an effective and user-friendly system with their support.
This is how we created the space, the main purpose of which is to provide an exceptionally fast access to the knowledge and experience of the best domestic specialists in all fields of medicine.
All users of this system can enjoy the guaranteed benefits which have never been achievable before:
  • experts can exchange their specialist knowledge, which gives them a chance to expand the scope of their experience and consolidate their own professional status;
  • every doctor using our portal has access to a wealth knowledge of great experts, a unique possibility toperfect their abilities and notable support in day-to-day diagnostic activities;
  • hospitals receive a practical tool, which makes it possible to save the time of the specialists they employ, to send and receive information about patients in a more efficient manner and to participate in an innovative, nationwide and professional medical platform.