The platform is a multifunctional tool, which can easily be applied by every hospital. The benefits of using the platform are clearly visible from the very beginning, and they should be even greater in the future.

The greatest benefit of using the portal are the considerable savings – regarding both time and resources. Through the transferal of the most modern communication and information solutions to the field of medical services, we have cut the essential minimum time between diagnosis and choosing an optimal therapy, as we realize how this precious time can affect the success of the treatment process for every patient.

In cases where transporting patients involves a risk which is too high, and dispatching a specialist is too difficult because of time restraints or communication difficulties (vast distances), the platform proves to be irreplaceable.

Hospitals no longer need to tackle the problems of transporting patients, on one hand, and they don’t have to give up the uninterrupted presence of their specialists on the other.
As a consequence, hospitals are able to make more efficient use of their own medical potential in order to provide quicker diagnoses and a more effective treatment.

Immediate effects can be seen in the form of:

  • an immediate transfer of the results of all examination types and information concerning patients;
  • savings connected with transport, which often requires special safety measures to be taken;
  • limiting the number of instances when specialists are forced to leave hospitals in order to provide medical advice;
  • dataflow carried out without the necessary participation of the patients.

According to forecasts, the future electronic medical services are to be financed by the National Health Fund (NFZ), which shall enable the hospitals to apply the platform to finance the costs of using the portal.