We are inviting private surgeries to cooperate with us.

Let us imagine one of many large medical centers with modern equipment at their disposal, but above all, of numerous and highly qualified medical staff, including many specialists in various fields of medicine …

…and now let us try to imagine a doctor’s surgery located far away from all the centers described above. The two are completely different – all but for the common mission to save the lives of patients. We have decided to make use of the most up-to-date technology to bring the two types of places – which are so different in terms of their medical potential – closer to each other and to enable a close cooperation between them for the sake of the patients.

A network connecting the most important medical centers.

Any doctor, from any location in Poland, may join the network which has been created by us and use it to contact the best domestic specialists in order to obtain immediate and professional advice.

It is not difficult to imagine the extent to which it shall facilitate the diagnosing and treatment of complicated and rare cases, how many patients shall win back their health and how helpful our system will be for the development of individual medical practice.

Using the platform is convenient and simple – it requires the user only to log onto the system. Contacting the best Polish specialists has never been so simple and never could private doctors’ surgeries avail themselves of such great possibilities.

The platform is:

  • an innovative tool which can serve to build considerable competitive advantage;
  • a chance to gain priceless experience and excel in your own abilities in cooperation with the best Polish specialists in medicine;
  • easy to apply;
  • a system available 24/7.